Vacation from vacation.

In just a few minutes, we will kick into gear and get ready for our three week trip.  It’s going to be quite vintage in terms of our equipment.  We’ve got the old wooden kitchen kit, down sleeping bags, sleeping mats, cooking gear, and many other items from the 1970s when the Campbells did a decent amount of camping.  I had wanted to sleep in the old bunkbed cots in the tent but after erecting them in the big bedroom it became obvious that this won’t be possible with tents our size.  Darn.  I had this vision of the four of us in cots being all campy and cozy with our bags stored underneath.  All this means is that we need a few more thermarest mattresses and a couple decent sleeping bags for the girls, which they need anyhow.

Today’s plan is to pack, load the car, clean the house, and head to Glens Falls to see Beth and say goodbye.  Steve might be there, and Shelly Kelley and Avery will be around as well.  Then we need to get to Melrose, MA by dinner time.  Tomorrow we’ll go with Sara and Dave and their kids in their fishing boat to see the tall ships in Boston Harbor.  Should be pretty amazing.

I’m so ready for this trip.  Since we arrived in the area on June 1, everything has been a blur.  We’ve had guests, babysitters, new babies, and a heck of a lot of rain.  Vacation from vacation.


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