We’ve spent the past few days with Sara and Dave and their kids here in Melrose.  Getting out of Vermont was pretty exhausting.  The combination of guests, day camp, cleaning the house, and packing for a 3 week camping trip made preparations pretty overwhelming.  Finally we were on the road to Glens Falls to see Beth by around 1:00 Saturday afternoon.  We stopped by and picked up Taco Bell and had lunch with Beth, Charles (well, he slept), and Shelly and Avery K.  After adding some of Beth and Steve’s camping gear to our already jam packed car, we got moving and made the long and not-so-interesting drive to Boston.  Green, rolling hills are lovely, but that’s all there is for 220 miles.  We got stopped in a jam because of a car accident, but arrived in time for grilled veggie burgers for Anna and me and a hamburger for Aaron. Charlotte is a tad selective about her meals, so she had some of the leftover noodles and parm Sara had in the fridge.

Yesterday (Sunday) was something.  Charlotte, who had stayed up until midnight (?!?!?!) our first night here, was still up at 6:30, as she usually is.  So she and I got up and hung around the house while everyone else slept.  Thankfully, there are all kinds of fantastic kid toys here and she was fully engrossed in Star Wars Legos until the others woke up.  Once the others were awake, Sara made chocolate chip pancakes and we prepared for our day on Dave’s new 23 foot fishing boat.  We packed snacks, lunch, beers, and headed to Beverly to load up head out.  The plan was to take the boat all the way into Boston to see the Tall Ships from Boston Harbor, but as soon as we got going fast, we had an extremely nervous, near panicky ten-year-old on our hands. She had a really difficult time with the waves and speed, which were both a lot more than what we get on Lake Hortonia.  Thus, we decided to stick around the North Shore and explore Marblehead Harbour, Misery Island, and other areas nearby.  It was a little disappointing not to be able to get into Boston, but given that the ride down would have taken about an hour, none of us was ready to have at least one kid so upset for that long.  Naturally, by the time we’d been on the boat a little while longer, Anna had found her sea legs and the ocean and speed became completely thrilling!

We came home for an hour or so and the kids played around.  Charlotte discovered Tess’ American Girl dolls and stuck with them the whole time, while Anna and Tess made friendship bracelets.  Dinner was al fresco at the Border Cafe right on Route 1, then we came home and took it easy until bedtime.

This morning, Charlotte is again up early.  I hear movement upstairs; Sara’s family needs to be up and out by 8:00 to go to work and day camp.  We’ll stick around after they are gone and do laundry and perhaps a little organizing and shopping, then it’s off to meet Jeff S. for lunch in Newburyport and then to Shane and Allison’s for a couple nights.

So far the trip has gone smoothly – of course it’s only been two nights!  I’m really excited for the girls to experience camping and slowing down our pace and cutting the cords of electronics for a while.


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