Yesterday ended differently than we expected in that Charlotte fractured her collarbone.  She had waited for weeks to play with her friend down the street, and it was the first time they had been together since Thanksgiving.   I was at yoga, distracted by my hurting hip and wrist, trying to balance the half-moon pose.  They were on her friend’s bed having a great time – not jumping- and she tumbled off.  Our poor neighbor had to experience how she responds to pain, which is that she won’t let anyone touch her or look at her or ask her any questions.  He brought her home, she fell asleep, then around 6:30 pm I took her to Urgent Care.  X-rays showed the most horrifying image of a broken clavicle – a clean break with space in between!  Of course, this was on a Sunday night and pharmacies were closed so we had to count on the power of over-the-counter kid drugs to help her sleep.  It worked.


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