Home again, home again.

Yesterday was an incredibly homey day. Unfortunately I found myself attracted to the computer most of the time, and unfortunately I let Charlotte watch way too much television. How much is acceptable when your child has a broken collarbone and can’t do much of anything with her right hand? At least she has an excuse. I have no excuse for my surfing, and to top it off, I did not even do a few important things on my list of things to do.

Why is that we get this way sometimes? I say “we” because I would hope I am not alone in sometimes getting so waylaid by the mindlessness of something that all of a sudden the end of the day has arrived and well, it’s the end of the day. Simple as that. When this does happen, usually the next day is better in that I give myself an imaginary kick in the ass and get myself moving a bit more. Today needs to be that day. There’s paid work, house work, kid work, all kinds of things to be done. What drives me crazy about myself is that I didn’t even laze around in a way that I wanted to. I could have read my book, could have sewn something, could have played with the camera…but instead checked the news, checked the weather, checked the news and weather again, checked to see who liked my picture of the little bird outside our kitchen window.

Today will be catch-up day, then. Laundry, school work, entertaining the girls with something non-electronic. Maybe I shall even venture out into the snowy world and play with the new camera.

I did have a great talk with H. yesterday about going for things. She’s going to go for a whole new career that the one she was in when we met, the one that caused us to meet, and this inspired me to think about a few things more carefully. I might just alter my summer schedule and pursue writing in a deeper, more guided manner. This might mean being here alone for a week or two or three. That would be a mind-clearing, exhilarating, solitary, sometimes lonely, experience, and I would embrace it passionately.


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