Decision almost made.

All right, then.  After several days of researching and exploring summer writing opportunities and inspirations, I can’t find anything I love that costs less than several thousand dollars.  The perfect one is in Italy, for two weeks at the beginning of summer.  It is a yoga/writing retreat in Tuscany and of course would be more than excellent.  We don’t have that kind of money, and we’re going to Wales and Ireland at the end of the summer.  So I think I may just create my own writer’s retreat and try get to the lake for a week all by myself later this spring.  Family would be instructed to just stay away, at least for three or four days.  I can clean, walk, boat, and write.  And if I don’t write, that’s on me.

Days could start early, early, early, with the sun at 5:00 or before.  I will write, read, and clear the buildup of cobwebs.  I will also take long walks every day, climb a mountain or two, and regularly kayak around the lake with my sandwich.



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