What makes a good day good?

Several good days have shone a light into my life over the past few weeks.  Last weekI wrote about the first, a day that from the outside seemed like a regular day at home, at work, and at leisure.  Still, there was something intangibly fabulous about the feeling I had by the time the day was over.   Yesterday was close to that feeling, so it’s probably time to do a little analysis as to what makes a good day so good.  Anna and I hosted the Mother/Daughter book club’s first meeting, which was lovely.  Nothing earth-shattering, just some nice soup, bread, and salad, followed by chocolate chip cookies and a frantic round of “Catch Phrase.”  The four daughters took the game upstairs and screamed and screamed and screamed in game’s timer-induced hysteria.

I wasn’t alone for much time at all yesterday, perhaps less than an hour, and this usually causes some crankiness to leak through my pores, but it didn’t happen that way.  The lunch engagement somehow eased into a dinner gathering with dear friends…we finished the soup from lunchtime and then danced for several hours on Kinect.  It was this fascinating combination of extreme hilarity and poignant family/friend bonding.

The evening wrapped up with a crash from the kitchen.  Our neighbor had started to do the dishes and immediately dropped a few items in the sink, breaking them.  From the living room, I thought,  nothing serious – no value to any of the bowls or plates we used – then discovered the two things that broke were the only two items that actually DID have some sentimental value:  the Elephant House mug (where Harry Potter was drafted) from Edinburgh and one of our wedding wineglasses.  The mug can easily be glued back together.  The wineglass?  Well, it is funny.  Aaron broke two, I broke one, and Guy broke one, leaving us with two.  And the funny part is that all six survived intact for nearly fifteen years, then four broke within the last year.  Is there any meaning to this?  Most definitely not, except that I think Aaron is glad to have company in the glass breaking business.

Back to what I’m trying get at, to why some days are really good.  I think it’s about being with people who value us, who make us laugh, who we can be fools in front of and not worry about how what we say will be taken.  The first good day I had time to myself, but also felt competent at my job and enjoyed some praise for my birdie photos.  I need to keep exploring this, so will try to examine my days and my time more carefully in the coming days, weeks, and months.  Oh, and another reason yesterday was good was that I think I’ve decided to put together my own one-week writer’s retreat at the lake, either in late spring or early summer.   Now that is something to look forward to very, very much.

And now, some highlights of last night’s dance-a-rama…


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