The day’s diary.

This morning I woke up around 6:15 and was able to get some handwritten journal writing in and test out my two new pens.  Anna had a date with the neighbors at the Columbus Zoo, so she was up early to shower and be out of the house by 7:45.  At 9:00, we met with the same contractor who did our kitchen in 2007 to discuss built-in bookcases on either side of the fireplace and the bathroom/bedroom plans upstairs.  He stayed just over an hour, leaving with a cute card Charlotte made for his two daughters, who are the same distance apart as ours but a bit younger.  We are ready to move forward, then!  I’m thrilled for the bookcases, which will include as part of the package sconce lighting on either side of the shelves.  After he left, I walked C. down to her friends’ where she played for an hour or so.  During that hour, I did an ExerciseTV workout for 25 mins and it was excellent.  I’m sore all over but feel energized and stronger.  Aaron took a long run – around eleven miles.  H. and I went to see “The King’s Speech,” which, as a friend posted on fb, is everything a movie experience should be.  Simply fabulous.  Afterwards, it felt like I was just biding my time idly until right now.  Charlotte was pretty bored
all day, and when Anna arrived back from the zoo, she didn’t have a whole lot of interest in paying attention to her little sister.  They tried a 100-piece Snow White puzzle, but attention didn’t hold.  They danced some Kinect Dance Central for a while, then someone got cranky and had to have a short breather to get her act together.  She didn’t want fake chicken nuggets, thought her lukewarm bathtub was boiling hot, and generally carried herself with a stinky demeanor.  I took a big bite out of my online grading stack and am ready to get to the office early tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is a very long day that I’m not looking forward to.  Work 8-11, close on refinancing at 11, Anna piano 2-3, Anna violin 3:15-4, get C. from bus at 3:30, get Anna from violin at 4.  Two hours of being home until bells at 6 and orchestra at 7:10.  Home a little after 9 and then “V” with H.  I’m already tired.   Wednesday will be much quieter, ending with a meeting filled with lovely and peaceful folks.


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