A sorry excuse.

Why is that some of us have such picky criteria for being able to get anything done?  I think it may be called procrastination, as in, I can’t purge the little room’s closet because there are kids here, or I will only be able to work in the basement if there are no kids here.  Or, how can I do a workout on ExerciseTV ON DEMAND (!!) when there are kids here, even if they have offered to quietly build a Lego cottage up in the bedroom?  And adding to this blog?  How can I possibly do that when there are kids in the house?

Procrastination breeds some pretty brilliant excuses to get out of things we (I saw ‘we’ because I don’t want to be alone here) could dang well do with people in the house.

People are in my house all the time.  People seem to really enjoy being in our house, despite our messy and scattered existence.  Kids come over to build Lego cottages or dress up or make tea or dance for hours with Kinect Dance Central.  In the end, that’s probably more important, and if I did have an empty house, who is to say I’ll do anything more but write about how I’m NOT doing anything in my now empty house?


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