Cozy changes.

One of the things I love about homeschooling Anna is how we are not part of the cycle of anxiety surrounding snow days and two -hour delays.  We keep the same schedule we always do and go about our days in a fairly calm and easygoing manner.  The effects of homeschooling the way we have approached it (unschooling, really) have been more than we could hope for, yet they are subtle and not really connected to academics.  We are more connected now.  Our days are more relaxed  – they are cozier. I don’t feel anymore like we are four kites flapping in the same sky straining to fly in different directions.

Over the next week or so our living room will be filled with workers rebuilding the fireplace and mantle area and adding built-in bookshelves.  Our serene and cozy house will have some all-day visitors, but they are a hardworking team of reliable and friendly guys.  The end result will be worth any intrusion of our space.  Check this out:




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