Early thoughts.

Just look!

The next step is to prep the wall for painting, pick colors for the wall, and paint the wall over the weekend.  One wall at a time doesn’t seem so bad.  It’s tackling the whole living room that is intimidating.  But prepping the wall involves removing wallpaper, and if there’s anything I DO enjoy about paint prep, it’s getting at that wallpaper and peeling it off.

Earlier this week I bought sweetened condensed milk as a treat to go in my coffee, and I’m not sure it’s the delight I once found it to be.  Too sweet, not creamy enough.

Charlotte is an early bird this morning.  Before 5:30, she was asking politely to get up.   I tried to get her to return to sleep but she was past that point so I agreed to get up with her.  She went into her bedroom and dressed as if she were going to a party, right down to dressy white Sunday School shoes.  Now she’s up, watching “Cyberchase,” and is already a little cranky.  So am I, though, to have to share the quiet morning before a day of people in the house.

What’s the point in wallowing, though?  At least I’m not frustrated by yet another two-hour delay because of black ice and freezing drizzle.  That’s for school folks, and we are not school folks anymore, and every day I am more and more grateful for this.


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