On my mind.

  • The season of winter is horrible for me.
  • Winter makes my dog edgy and barky.
  • I need to be alone and in warm weather way more often than I get to be.
  • Especially alone.  And not just for a few hours or even a work day.
  • It has to be longer;  I need to remember how to take care of myself and not worry about relating to others.
  • My frustration continues to grow that our house always looks like we just moved in.
  • I can’t even say that it is a work in progress…because there’s not a hell of a lot progress.
  • We work, we have kids, we have a limited budget, and we don’t love “doing-it-ourselves.”  That is why there’s no progress.
  • We didn’t  grow up in pristine and super-organized households, so we don’t even have the educational background to create the household I’d like.
  • It’s time to keep trying, though.
  • Winter makes it harder than ever.
  • At least we have the sun today.  And it does make a difference.

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