Time to hang in there.

Recently, my posts have touched on how dreary and tough winter days are.  I am in the thick of it right now, of the winter blues, and am anxiously awaiting a day when the temp goes above 40 degrees and the sun stays out long enough to melt the gray snow scattered around town. It’s taken me a number of years to accept and, dare I say, embrace, that my energy, motivation, and general happiness diminish right about now in the cycle of the season.

Last year, I went to Mexico at the end of January.  The year before, I went to Vermont for a positive and encouraging job interview.  The year before, I went to Miami mid-winter.  This is the first year I’ve been right here with nowhere to escape to.  It’s getting hard.

The oddly cool part of all of this is that I’m trying to embrace this feeling a bit more, to understand that it’s not just the bears who go into hibernation until spring.  What makes this okay is that winters in southeast Ohio can be brutal and icy, but they are short, and in a month we’ll have Spring kissing us softly on our cheeks.  And if winter weren’t so tough, that first smell of spring wouldn’t be nearly as sweet.


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