The day so far.

Let’s call it sluggish chaos.  It was sure a different morning.  Normally I’d be up at the office, enjoying a few hours of professional solitude and contentment, but here I am.  Just never made it in.  It’s Charlotte’s birthday, so we had French Toast for breakfast, and she opened her gifts.  Nothing went wrong or was particularly stressful, but the whole morning, up until A. left for his 16 mile run a few minutes ago, was like this SUPER SLO-MO CIRCUS.  I simply cannot explain it.  We had a quiet pocket, then we had a loud burst.  For example:  silence, then in the space of thirty seconds, the house phone rang, my cell phone rang, the dog barked, a friend came to the door, and the birthday girl was refusing to put her socks on.  The passage of time was a bit off its rocker for a few hours. 

This is all okay, though, because I just learned that in exactly ten days, I will have the house to myself for the three nights and not the two I originally thought.


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