Who has a pet peeve?

I sure do.  I have a few of them.

  • Using “Best,” as a closing to a letter or email.  It’s not for me.
  • The popular practice of using facebook or blogs or whatever to personify seasons and days of the week.  Example, “Dear Winter, How about cutting us all a little slack?,” or “Dear Friday, I miss you,” or “Dear Clouds, Get out of my sky.”   It’s kind of silly.
  • This next one goes back many years, and if I ever run for Mrs. America, Senior Version, it will be my platform.  I have a huge problem with license plate variation.  There are so many other avenues for self-expression and color preference.  Really, give each state its own unique two-color scheme, outlaw the tiny cursive fonts, put the county on the bottom, and keep it simple.  All I can think of is how helpful it would be for the fuzz to not have to memorize all of theseDelaware and Vermont know what I’m talking about.  Wait, I mean, “Dear Delaware and Vermont, I love your license plates.”
  • When I was in Niger, sheep in my living room were a bit of a bother.

Oh, there are definitely more, but I usually think of them when I’m driving and can’t do anything about it.  If anyone’s out there, do share.


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