Tentatively hopeful…

This morning there is a mandatory emergency meeting at work about the budget. I am pretty good at predicting things, and I foresee that the luxury I enjoy of part-time work will not last much longer at the payscale I’m accustomed to.  I am guessing that perhaps all part-time/quarterly faculty may be kept below 50% from now on to save money.  From a practical stance, that makes sense for a school in financial peril.

Honestly?  I am intrigued, interested, and not really that nervous about what we will learn today.  Still, the information will affect many, and not in a positive way.  For months, maybe even a few years, I’ve been harboring this little wish for liberation from working on the outside.  This could be the exit door cracking open just a little bit.  It’s not that I don’t want to work at all, it’s that  it’s been  seven years that I’ve been at this job, and like clockwork, just about every seven years is when my soul sounds the trumpet  for major shift.

So maybe, perhaps, here we go…


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