Friday thoughts.

If more people looked at this photo, there might be more global happiness.  I do worry about Dog #2, though.  Do you think he actually made it over?

With the warmth and bit of sun, I already feel a lift.  Who wouldn’t?   Sometimes I forget that this kind of weather makes everyone feel good, that it’s not just me and  my exclusive  little “I hate winter” bubble.  Today there is plenty to do.  Aaron and the girls are leaving around 2:00 for Maryland and before then I’d like to have the house cleaned and ready for my weekend of solitude.   If I can get caught up with my online grading that will mean TWO tasks completed that will clear the path for more enjoyable endeavors.

I have not made a single plan except to go to Circleville to see my folks on Sunday afternoon.  My planlessness is intentional.   Who knows exactly what I’ll be feeling up to as they back out the driveway?


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