Except that my cat is nicer.

Every once in a while my Nosy Nellie persona kicks in, and I feel the need to cyberstalk the extreme right-wing friends of my conservative facebook friends.  The far right fascinates me, it really does, so naturally I am curious as to who and what these friends, and friends of friends, have on their “likes” list.

Why are so many women fans of Sarah Palin?  I mean, come on.  When she first came out,  I did make a concerted effort to understand her appeal.  I failed to find anything I liked, and believe me, I tried, because I’d like to believe that most people in the world have good intentions if you really get down to their core.

But the layers kept coming off, one after the other, with new ones peeling away daily.  For instance, how can someone seriously criticize an initiative  to reduce childhood obesity through healthy eating?   And why make fun of a First Lady who proposes measures to make breastfeeding more accessible to working mothers?  Wouldn’t this be like if someone told Laura Bush that helping children learn to read was creating a nanny state because parents should have the right to decide whether or not they want their children to be literate?

Here we’ve got this person who appears to get off on creating division and picking fights where there is no fight, yet millions of people just don’t see it that way.  She’s like my cat  sitting in the middle of a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, looking cute and pretty until it’s time to take a swipe and send pieces and all our progress flying to the floor.   Look!  The perfect opportunity to be mean!  Sure, I could leave the table without making a disturbance, but where’s the fun in that?


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