Helmet secure, shoes on the wrong feet.

This is how I plan to tackle the next few days:

Darn it!  The weekend by myself failed to clear the clutter from my head.  There is so much circling around in there right now, and most of it can’t be ignored.  Specifically I am juggling thoughts of summer plans, spring break details,  job uncertainty, a wallpaperless living room, a broken toilet downstairs, and extreme concern and fascination with Wisconsin and how things will play out now that more and more details behind their dastardly governor are surfacing.  Add to the list Ohio, Indiana,  and on an even more serious note, how short to get my hair cut this afternoon.

The trivial and the heavy matters are all floating around in the same soup pot.  And tomorrow is going to bring non-stop rain, with flood watches and another day without sunshine.  All I can surmise is that the heaviness of everything right now, and I am SO sure I am not alone in this heavy feeling, is part of some grand scheme to make the arrival of spring this year sweeter than it has ever, ever, ever been.



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