Hee haw.

I haven’t even glanced at the ungraded papers in the four hours since I’ve been home, and am starting to get concerned that I physically CANNOT bring myself to look at them.  They may even be multiplying.   And my telling myself how good I’ll feel when it’s done is not working, not working at all.  Egad, there must be a pill to fix this apathy.  But what?  I would not even know where to start…speed?  No-Doz?  Ritalin? Emergen-C?

The girls are outside in the tree drinking fruit smoothies.  They are too young to succumb to the “I’m overwhelmed to the point of paralysis” syndrome.   Someone needs to come over and light a fire under my ass.  Yes, I just wrote ass because it is one of those milder swear words that makes me giggle every time I hear it, say it, or write it.



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