This guy needs a hug, and so much more.

There have been so many links, videos, and articles being posted about Ohio recently that  I might be reaching my saturation point.   It all seems to be preaching to the choir, so while I enjoy reading them, I’m skeptical that the deluge of information will reach those who the posters hope to reach.

This passage, from an article in today’s Huffington Post, is one of the few I’ve read that might hit home just about anywhere.  The parts in parentheses break my heart in all kinds of ways.

Bill Melvin, a union maintenance worker for the state, said his pay was cut more than in half when he moved from the private to the public sector four months ago. He said he took an $18-an-hour pay cut when he switched jobs because of a decline in construction in the area.

What I don’t understand is how I’ve become an entitled person,” Melvin said. “I pay into my pension, I pay into the health source, and I barely make $15 an hour. And when you add in the 10 furlough days, I’m barely making $14 an hour and I’m a skilled laborer.”

Asked what he anticipates in the State of the State address that will apply to him, Melvin said: “‘Get out of the way’ is basically what he’s going to tell me – tell ME. Because I’m opposed to this, so I guess I’m the one he’s going to run over.

And quite frankly, I don’t have anything to lose. Like I said, I’m barely making it now. So I anticipate him telling me to basically suck it up and move on. That’s what I anticipate,” he said.


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