Today will need light.

Chimney Rock, Abiquiu, New Mexico, 1976.

When I wake up and the first thing I read is about the 8.9 earthquake and devastating tsunami that just hit Japan,  and the first things I see out the kitchen window are dark skies and snow on the ground, I realize today’s gonna need some careful handling.  The shock of tragic news of epic proportions and a week  of clouds and rain ahead  is a powerful combination .  Oh yes, and there is lots of flooding everywhere.  And on the personal front, I have plenty of grading to do and a messy house that has been crying for help for weeks.  The cats are scheduled for the vet today, and they aren’t that cooperative when it’s time to go in their travel crates.

I need a plan.  The Quakers hold people in the light during difficult times, so that will be first on my list, to hold hundreds and thousands of people in the light.

I’ll keep it simple.  Drink the coffee.  Read the newspaper.  Shower. Get Charlotte ready and off to her day.  Set some tasks for Anna.  Clear kitchen table, clear mind, turn on lightbox, and hunker down to finish my work.  Hold half the world’s population in the light, grade like the wind, take a cats-to-the-vet break, and get back to work.

Optimism!  Optimism!  Optimism!



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