The Baby and the Daffodil.

Today’s lovely sun punched yesterday’s gray gloom right in the face, didn’t it?  It’s astonishing how one nice day at this time of year is truly the light at the end of the tunnel.   Dilemmas and difficult decisions are that much more approachable.  Messes are tackle-able.  It’s all more do-able.

I say the worst part of winter is also the best part of winter.  Here we are, all at the end of our rope, and we all are, even if we don’t admit it.  Then one day…BOOM!  The ten-day forecast tells us that the daytime highs will stay above 49 degrees and we have four straight days of sunshine staring at us.  It’s like how I felt right before both the girls were born, when I was damn sure my pregnancy would be the first one in history to NEVER END. Who doesn’t feel that way in early March?

Et voila, a baby has arrived, just like spring,  the daffodil we were sure would never bloom.


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