Poised to fly south!

Well, poised to drive south.  In a couple days we’ll leave for Florida, and WOW, there is tons to do before then.  We haven’t allowed ourselves a grace period of a few days between the end of the quarter and leaving town, so over the next couple days, all kinds of things have to be accomplished.   Despite the pressures of closing down one quarter, readying for the next, collecting and packing all our camping gear, tidying the house for the petsitters, assembling car activities for the girls, and squeezing in a vet appt, ortho appt, violin recital, and a meeting or two, for our family very little matches the thrill of someone announcing, “Okay, we’re leaving.  Get in the car!”

I remember last year’s departure, how relieved we all finally were to be moving forward.  We only drive these roads on our Florida trip, so even though we were just a few miles out of town, it felt like we were already several states away.  The girls were giddy, the music was going, and voices, bodies, and attitudes were instantly more relaxed.  So, though the next few days are going to drive me just about insane, that moment of finally hitting the open road with a van full of happiness will be SO worth the efforts!



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