One week later.

Off-the-beaten-path Florida is growing on me.  Every year we try to seek out places and experiences that defy the stereotypical Florida vacation, and I think this time we scored big in that category.  This year we checked out Crystal River, Cedar Key, and the Suwanee Springfest music festival in Live Oak.   Fantastic!  All of them!

Today shall honor the charming island of Cedar Key!

It was so easy to fall in love with Cedar Key.  It’s off the beaten path, a quiet, non-commercial, artsy waterfront town, seemingly untouched by spring breakers and families looking for the perfect beach.  There is no perfect beach in Cedar Key, which is why I loved it.  If there were, it definitely would become a destination. We stayed at Island Place,  in a one bedroom condo over the water, ate lunch at The Pickled Pelican, got carry out chowder from Tony’s just around the corner, took a ride on Tidewater Tours,  and fantasized about buying the abandoned Beachfront Motel and retiring early.  Oh, and when I learned that Captain Doug would like to retire and sell Tidewater Tours, I fantasized about that, too.

The Pickled Pelican


View of Cedar Key from our boat docked on Atsena Otie, an island we visited on Tidewater Tours


The lonely Beachfront Motel



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