A few scattered thoughts.

  • I spent a good chunk of yesterday morning pulling out ivy roots and two ugly bush stumps from the side of the house, and I kind of loved it.  It’s  like battling evil forces under all that dirt.  Hardy serpents and trolls fought me from their underground lairs, but my muscles and I emerged victorious.
  • The first batch of my freelance writing assignments have arrived!  Now I’m terrified!  But in a good way!
  • Now that we are leaving for Vermont in just over a month, almost every decision I make is somehow related to our annual shift from here to there.  This change in outlook is always so welcome, yet always overwhelming.
  • The girls and I went to see “Rio” right after Charlotte got off the bus from preschool yesterday.  It was fine. It’s like so many other movies of this genre only with tropical birds.
  • I had a phone interview earlier this week for a full-time teaching job this fall.  It went pretty well, I think, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it led to an offer.  It’s M-F, 9-5.  That routine isn’t what I’m looking for, though I think I would really enjoy it.  With homeschooling still part of our lives and this new writing/editing job I’ve got, how could it work?  I don’t want to be part of the the inflexible 40-hour work week any more, and…
  • I  AM ready to leave it!  How nice to be able to pick up and go somewhere in, say, mid-October?  To actually be able to FINALLY attend the Ghost Ranch Writing Festival without taking any personal days?
  • Weather.com has rain nearly every day in the ten-day forecast.  That will take us into May, when I fully expect this wet crap to stop.

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