Excitement in one long sentence.

As an English and writing teacher, it’s fun sometimes to ignore the rules.  I’m so ecstatic for my upcoming weekend away that I wrote the following passage without taking a breath, and apparently without considering the full-stop.  If I read a sentence like this from a student, I’d cringe and slowly shake my head in frustration (“try taking this sentence and breaking it into shorter, more manageable chunks,” I’d say, “you can lose your readers with sentences this long.”).  But because I know that I know better, I can wink and feel like I’m getting away with something oh-so-daring.  Voila:

Tomorrow morning I leave for a weekend in Nashville with my best college friend, Carrie.  I don’t have anything more to say about that right now except that we are both beside ourselves at the thought of jumping in our Toyota Siennas, driving 6-7 hours, and spending the following 48 doing nothing but talking, drinking coffee then switching to perhaps white for lunch and good beer at dinner, eating good food (straying from my mostly vegetarian diet to sample some Tennessee bbq), wandering neighborhoods, discussing the lives of our other dear college friends who aren’t with us (how can we not?  we’ve all been friends for twenty-five years!), analyzing our own lives…and then, not holding back tears, saying goodbye on Sunday morning, jumping back in our mini-vans and returning home to Athens and Little Rock.


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