Wow, those birds out my window are cute.

Today is the day that the girls and I are home together.  All day.  We have no set agenda and no places we have to be.  It’s a take-it-easy kind of day.   I’m not having fun, though, because today I am reminded that cannot, never have been able to, and never will be able to, concentrate unless I am completely sensorily deprived.  Is “sensorily” a word?  Don’t care.  It works in this scenario.   Even when no one is tapping me on the shoulder for a snack or asking me how to spell “Teresa,” even when I am being left alone, I cannot focus and it bothers me.  I am a person who gets distracted and sidetracked unless all sounds and sights and other humans are removed.  Music, that muse and focusing agent to most of the world, gets me thinking too much about the lyrics or the harmonies or how a particular passage makes me want to climb a mountain in Switzerland.

You’d think at my age…you’d think.


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