No offense, but…

Anna needs to raise exactly $110 towards her tuition for Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, so recently she’s been making these cute knit baby caps with her Knifty Knitter circle loom in the hopes of selling a few at the wonderful Athens Birth Circle 3rd Annual Baby Fair.   Friends of ours  offered to let Anna display her seven hats at their own table, thoughtfully suggesting she do some knitting while sitting so people could see her process.  So far, so good, right?  I left Anna to knit and peddle her wares and took Charlotte to walk around the mall and check out the rest of the baby fair.  A while later, Anna came to find me.

“Mom,” she said, “A lady came up to me and said, ‘No offense, but in my opinion those things are cheating.  I can knit or crochet the exact same hat with my two needles.'”  Or something like that. Yes, that’s what she told my twelve-year-old daughter who just wants people to like her hats enough to buy some so she can go to camp.  That ANYONE would think it’s okay to be this incredibly insensitive to a child renders me speechless.   And,\ come on, we all know that anytime someone starts a statement with, “No offense, but…” they have every intention of offending.  It’s a good thing  I was down the hall and missed the exchange, because somebody dodged a bullet today.

No offense, my ass.


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