North to the mitten.

This is it, the last day in town.  What a lot there is to do!  I must remind myself that we’ll only be in Vermont for a month this time so we don’t need to take a lot.  Aaron is not coming so we don’t need to prepare for a housesitter or do a deep clean.  Nevertheless, the list is long and the day is busy.  We have mother-daughter book club, a music recital, then Anna has a marathon sleepover birthday party, there’s the International Street Fair which I always enjoy but we may not get to, hopefully a movie this afternoon, and packing the car and readying to leave.  Let’s not forget a batch of articles to write and online assignments to grade!  Then tomorrow morning, pick Anna up from her sleepover before 9, do church all morning, then get in the van and make our exit.

Tomorrow Mom, the girls and I are driving to Midland, Michigan, where my family lived the years I was 2 to 17, before we moved to Circleville.  I’m looking forward to so much about the visit, but the best part is that we’re going to visit our old house at 700 Columbia Road and I’m going to be able to see it and walk through my childhood home for the first time in 28 years.

Serious Kleenex alert.


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