Memories. Wow.

I’m here in Midland, Michigan with Mom and the girls.  We’re staying with a friend of hers in a house where I stayed for a week when I was around five.  Mom’s friend didn’t live here then; other friends of my parents did, and they watched my sister Beth and me while they went on a trip.

So…I haven’t been in this particular house in over 35 years, but I tell you, there is a smell  – a good one- it’s old, and welcoming, a little bit smoky, and it was here when I was five.  Things are coming back, and years are falling away and it’s freaking me out in the most magical and wonderful way.

Tomorrow we’re going to the house I grew up in, and to our church, and a few other places that have stuck to me for my whole life.  Sugnet School, 700 Columbia Road, Memorial Presbyterian Church – they are Gorilla-glued to my heart.  I forgot how much I love this town.  I would leave Athens to live here again, and that’s saying a lot. A LOT.


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