Vermont thoughts.

And now we are at the lake in Vermont.  I’m almost, but not really, relaxed.  Right now I’m – well, obviously – at the computer.  The night is quiet and peaceful, we had a lovely family dinner, Charlotte is asleep and Anna is reading in the loft.  I’m sort of working on article writing, but the internet is slow and the hole in the screen on the porch has brought in a gnatfest. If I turn out the light next to me to get rid of them, they just come to the computer screen and hover.

It’s strange being here earlier in the season than usual.  I don’t remember so many gnats.  We also have these big flying beetles that hit the screen at night and buzzbuzzbuzz.  This morning, Aaron was weed wacking and encountered a very large milk or water snake up in the driveway.  Yes, a very big snake.

Yesterday, Anna spotted a pileated woodpecker, and we have a pair of either spotted sandpipers or dunlin birds down on the shore. You’d think we were in in the middle of nowhere, but we’re not remote, not at all.  Still,  there are some animal folks around that we’ve never seen before.  I think the critters are realizing it might be time to clear out and head to less populated regions.

Also, yesterday Beth and I saw a really large bird of prey swoop down, grab a fish, and fly right in front of the house to a neighboring tree.  It set the fish down on a branch, which was odd, you know?  A still live fish quivering on a tree branch twenty feet above me?

In case you were wondering, the picture at the top of the this blog is the view from the cabin window.  Despite the creatures and the extreme amount of work I have to do and the bickering the girls have been doing, you can’t beat the view.


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