One of my favorite songs from the Peace Corps is Johnny Clegg and Juluka doing “Scatterlings of Africa.”  I’m  far away from that now but if I think about it too much my longing and sadness to jump back to that time will overcome me and I won’t be able to do what I’m doing, which is writing, writing, writing articles.   I like this new direction, the freelance writing, very much, but there’s a crunch happening right now.  I haven’t head writing deadlines since grad school, so it’s been a while.

Currently I’m a writing instructor, a freelance writer and a soon-to-be full time graduate student for four weeks this summer, and next week brings deadlines for all three.  Twelve articles to write, grade reporting and other administrative stuff for school, and two books to read and take notes on by Mon. June 20.  And I’m single parenting.  And trying to enjoy the lake, which I am, usually.  And attempting not to ignore the girls, which I am, sometimes.

There are big things beyond these commitments that I need to think about, the less tangible issues of life that jump out of my purse when I all I meant to do was grab my wallet.

I’d like to to be calm…collected…zen-like until this all passes, and to work steadily and thoughtfully, without allowing myself to get distracted too much, but my head is kind of filled with scatterlings.


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