Litterbox demons.

We are having a kitty cat lavatory issue in our house.  Beatrice, our pleasantly plump long-haired Calico, has decided that the floor of the basement is a much better place to pee than her litter box. Great, right?  We’ve cleaned up the basement and will call the vet and make sure she’s okay and doesn’t have a bladder or urinary tract infection or something worse.  This litter box aversion has happened several times before and our vet says it can be connected to the chubbier, long-haired cats who may not be able to reach their lady parts to cleanse them properly.  We are working on it, but in the meantime, I sure am glad I’m taking a class that keeps me out of the house all day.  And at least we’re not dealing with fleas, mice,  bats or other vermin.

I did some of my own research to see if any internet wisdom popped up on this.  I forgot to mention before that the scent is 100 times worse when we turn on the central air.  In fact, that scent is so strong we are wondering if perhaps we are giving Beatrice a little much credit for the smell, because the a/c one is disgustingly powerful, like a dozen tomcats whizzed directly on the airconditioning unit.  Why all the cat pee sharing?  Because I have to share one of the best pieces of internet cat pee wisdom I came across.

You are welcome in advance for the laugh you are about to experience:


I live in a top floor apartment, the bathroom is small (maybe 10m2) the walls and floor of the bathroom are marble. The celing is suspended and above it is the air conditioning unit and a void. I own no cats their are no cats in the flat below. The smell is overpowering when door left closed for few hours. No other room is effected. Its not the drains, tried sealing them all with sticky tape and same smell appears just as strongly. At my wits end with it!! Driving me to tears as think its health hazard to me little boy! Please help!!


The answer may be strange, but bad overpowering smells as you have described suggest the presence of demons in the area.


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