Planning for solitude

Friday is the first day of the two week period I’ll have here in Athens without anyone else.  Aaron is taking the girls back to Vermont and I will stay here to finish my writing course.  This morning while writing in my journal for the first time a quite a while, I started thinking about plans for these two weeks.  So many possibilities,  but I don’t want to set the bar too high in terms of what I want to do, because inevitably it will be too much.  In my mind, by the end of the two weeks, I will have completely cleaned out the basement and created my own little corner down there, purged and deep cleaned the entire house, read half a dozen novels, cooked myself healthy gourmet meals, taken long walks when the weather is cool, gone to the movies every other night with my friends, caught up on some sewing projects, and built a deck. (The last one is a joke, of course, but that is how motivated I was feeling this morning.)

What is realistic?  What is a woman to do with two weeks to herself for the first time in a dozen years? Do I make a plan or do I let it all just happen?  Tips are most welcome (from the handful of people who read this) 🙂


One thought on “Planning for solitude

  1. Heidi says:

    Well, I plan to see To Kill a Mockingbird this weekend, see a movie, hopefully, and celebrate Corie’s bday on Friday. And go berry picking. How does that sound???

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