New things.

What an embarrassingly long break I have taken!  I am wondering when I will finally figure out how to do summer here in Vermont and find some time to myself to settle my mind down and just…slow…the…pace.   This summer has been unusual, though.   I was in Ohio for my four-week class, so that was new.  We have two weeks of renters right in the middle of the season, which is completely fine, but we haven’t rented in a few years, so this is a shift.  And, Anna is going to camp in Western Michigan right in the middle of August, which means a lot of driving from here to there and everywhere and back and forth and up and down again.

In the meantime, my new job as a freelance article writer for Bisk Education has been satisfying, busy, and a huge boost to my confidence.  The articles I’ve written have all been well-received and they keep sending assignments, so this, too, is all new for me.  For my entire working life, I have absorbed the writing of others,  put my energy into my students’ essays, journal entries, research papers and more.  I am weary of that kind of input into my brain, of the words of these others that need my opinion and feedback.  Now that I’m away from it, my mind is happier,and is finding some space for its own ideas without the intrusion of outside words looking for my help.

In October, I’m going here!  Ghost Ranch Fall Writers Week, October 9-15.  It’s too exciting to think about quite yet, but this is the course I’m signing up for.  Cannot wait.  I might even drive out if I can spare the time.  That would be, well, so much fun I wouldn’t know what to do with myself except just drive west and smile, smile, smile.


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