Summertime blues…

I’m having a hard time figuring this summer out.  So much has gone on.  I have driven from state to state and bed to bed…where have we gone, who we have visited, what have we truly seen?!  Now it’s mid-August  and I am ready to return to Vermont for the third time.  This is my favorite time of the year in Vermont, when the lake is quieting down and everything is cooler and more serene.  There are rarely visitors or renters to anticipate.  The summer has not been unpleasant at all, though, just one full of motion.   My writing course, visiting Midland and my childhood home, last week’s Michigan trip, and time here in Athens are all new things that happened this summer.

It feels, though, like the busiest and least relaxing times this summer have been at the lake, like it’s been Opposite Summer or something.  The first stretch I had too much work to complete and was single parenting for much of it.  The second stretch was only two weeks long, with an extreme heat wave and visiting family to keep us busy.  Jetta loves the lake more than any other place, but because Mom and Dad have a new puppy, we had to keep her tied more often than not, because she sometimes takes issue with other dogs and a run-in would have been, well, unacceptable.  She also developed separation anxiety and did some damage to doors and window frames when she was in the cabin and we were not there.

Everything has just been slightly different, oddly shifted somehow.  This morning my parents are going to the doctor to talk about Dad’s memory and start the process of determining what’s happening and what to do next.  We kids are worried but relieved that finally this business is in motion after so long.  To even go there in thought right now – well,I’m not sure any of us are ready.

On a lighter note, I am blogging slacker these days and have very little excuse except for travel fatigue.  Nothing more to say, really.  As soon as Anna and I settle in at the lake and have life to ourselves, I think I will be able to post daily or every-other-daily again.  I hope so.


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