Quiet time just a day away (I hope)

I am beginning to wonder if I will ever have a settled summer, or if it flows in my blood to plan trips, look for new places and experiences, and sacrifice calm and consistency because I value being with my far away family even more.  This summer we have not had a lot of visitors to the lake; the difference has been in our constant motion without my actually being busy in any kind of sustained way.  We drive a few hundred miles, then catch our breath, do some laundry,  sleep, say goodbye to whichever family member(s) we won’t be seeing for a few days or weeks, then drive a few more hundred miles.  To camp.  To Ohio. To Vermont. To Traverse City, Bellaire and Ada, Michigan. I do not think I can do it again this way.

Tomorrow morning Anna and I are going to drive to the lake and settle in.  We’ll take stock of our food needs then go to the Middlebury Natural Foods Coop with our recipes and our grocery list then return to the lake and set up house.  My head feels like it’s filled with cotton candy, a sure sign that I need to be with my own thoughts  for an extended stretch.  This is sooo long overdue…wish us luck, for we both need it!


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