Sunday thoughts.

Recently I’ve had scads of random thoughts that I meant to note, but since I was too lazy to note them, I only remembered the one about the garlic press.  The others I’m making up as I go along just for the sake of getting something up.  Guess I’ll try for more later.

  • I have hated every garlic press I’ve ever used and am pretty certain there is nothing out there that will please me.  Nothing.
  • My patience is wearing thin with all the bad press our President has been getting.  I challenge anyone to actually prove that he is not hard-working or doesn’t care about the country.  It’s completely ridiculous that there is so much denial about what has been accomplished during his administration.
  • Ghost Ranch Writers Week in just over a month.  Holy smokes have I been waiting for this… I am as nervous as I am excited.
  • I cross posted this to my facebook page, but must put it here, too.  If there ever was a more adorable rescue photo, I’d like to see it.

  • Charlotte is in the other room playing with her dolls and speaking with a British accent.
  • More flooding is on its way to the area.  Yay!

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