Therapy? You betcha.

Today I saw my podiatrist and he gave me the all clear to boot the day boot in lieu of a sleeping boot that will keep my foot at the proper angle while I sleep.  AND I enthusiastically signed up for for physical therapy, which I’m more than a little excited about.  I think it’s the way Dr. K put it to me: “So do you have time for PT?”  He sold it like it was a luxury and not a requirement for my healing process.

Of course I have time for PT!  It’ll be like a a trip to the foot spa, except that it’s the Holzer Clinic Physical Therapy Department. Maybe it’s a little sad, to be so excited about physical therapy, but I see it not so much as rehabbing my Achilles tendon but a month’s worth of twice weekly foot massages.  And who couldn’t use a good  massage, am I right?


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