My heel started hurting again a few days ago, so yesterday I called my podiatrist for advice, which turned out to be another month of wearing the boot.  Oh well.  I put it back on last night and it was actually a relief to have that support again, even thought the overall experience is a hassle.  But this foot has got to get better, so I’m willing to put in the time and probably spend a lot of money on the right kind of shoes from now on.

National Novel Writing Month is going pretty well.  I’m a little behind, as always, but I finally like my story and some interesting characters have made an appearance, so it shouldn’t be a problem at all to get to 50K over the next several days.  A few really long writing sessions and things will wrap up nicely, I hope.  This morning I did a free trial of a program called Freedom.  Its mission is to help writers who have a tendency to let the internet interrupt their writing by disabling the computer’s internet connection for a designated amount of time.  It works!  I set it for 45 minutes and was pleasantly surprised by how my mind responded to being physically prevented from scooting over to the Huffington Post to check the news.  The free trial allows for five uses, but the program itself is only $10 so I will definitely be making this little investment.

We are off to Maryland in a few hours.  Aaron’s brother is tagging along with us, which means they will do all the driving and I can ride in the way back and write until my battery goes out.  Looking forward to it!


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