January. At last.

As much as I love the Christmas season and all that goes with it, when we are finally settled back home at the beginning of January, I feel an almost overwhelming sense of relief.  Granted, winter is still new and there’s a lot more of it to come, but January lacks the rush of life that seems to start shortly after Halloween.  It’s a trade off, really…the dreariness of January and February in exchange for the planning, travelling, buying, making, worrying, cooking and cleaning that the holiday season usually means.  Even for the most organized planners among us, even when everything is taken care of ahead of time, there is still…so…much…to…do.

January still brings with it much to do, but at a less frenetic pace.   I don’t think about resolutions that much anymore, but if I were to get specific, I would say:

  • Get my foot/ankle/heel/Achilles tendon healed and back in working order.  This has been a disappointingly slow process, especially when I feel I’ve been doing everything right.
  • Meet – no, stay ahead of – my writing deadlines.  Look for more freelance writing opportunities.
  • Read from a real book every day.
  • Purge the unnecessaries from this house.
  • Arrange for all the rooms to be painted and the upstairs bathroom to be finished by May 1st. There.  I set a date.

The gate is wide open and there’s a light over my shoulder.  Time to heal the foot and get some s#$@ done this year.


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