Yep, I’m complaining about winter.

Honestly, these last few weeks have mainly been about getting through.  Mid winter tends to creep up on me without much advance notice. When we have a longish spell of beautiful weather, I forget how hard this season can be.  The travels, the girls’ birthdays, parents/grandparents visiting, and painters in the house, in isolation, are all completely manageable. However, they’ve all come right on top of one another, overlapping, bumping against the next event…and now I’m GRUMPY! And on Charlotte’s 6th birthday!

I’d like to think I’ve been through enough winter seasons to understand the cycle of all of this.  It’s weather related.  It’s tiny-house related.  As much as I’m loathe to admit it, it’s probably related to peri-menopause and how I’ve noticed my mood rise and dip to more extremes each month.

I am perfectly fine hanging out with my own self-pity for a few more hours until the birthday girl gets home from school.  By then, I’ll be ready to play with  new Barbies, build new Lego structures, and go out to birthday dinner!  Or cook it!  Where we live, Feb 8 usually means just a few more weeks until spring, when warmth and light and green take root.

For many – not all – of us, spring is when it all gets more manageable.   In my case, the winter blues are just that – confined to winter. I cannot even imagine if the fleeting, situational melancholy I’m feeling today carried on throughout the year.  I realize how fortunate I am in this respect and I vow never to take it for granted.


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