Message from a tick: it was not meant to be.

Hmm.  I certainly didn’t see THAT long of a break coming!  I wasn’t even that busy, but apparently, shortly after my last post on March 11, Boogie Pants went rogue and took an extended spring break to wherever blogs go to party.

We looked at a house in the country last week.  It’s 20 minutes out of town, which for so much of the world is no distance at all for a jaunt or commute into the city.  However,  we live in a small town, and in the world of small towns, 20 minutes is the big time. We’re so conditioned to driving short distances here in  Athens County that my  mother-in-law has teased me for not enrolling Charlotte in gymnastics, a class that’s offered 15 minutes from our house.  After nine years of  living in the most walkable neighborhood imaginable, anywhere from zero to five minutes from anything and everything, 20 mins may as well be 100 miles!  Yes, moving to the country would be an adjustment.

But, come on.  It has a babbling brook. And a pond.  And a little cabin that would be perfect for writing.  A laundry chute, even!

We hadn’t even been actively looking for a new house , but last weekend was National Open House Weekend and this particular property caught my eye. Go figure, it’s the only house the two of us have agreed is a great fit for our family – just big enough for our needs, but not so big as to be overwhelming.   From the outside it looks like a historic farmhouse, but it’s young, only fourteen years old, and with loads of beauty and personality just flying out of that laundry chute and dancing around the hardwood floors.

It won’t work for us. We learned yesterday that there have been several offers on it already, so chances are it will be under contract soon. It’s owned by a relocation company, and their regulations and terms for accepting an offer are ones that would be nearly impossible for us to meet.  It’s not even like we’re back to the drawing board, because we hadn’t drawn much of  anything in the first place, but I’m still sad.  I would have liked to decide it wasn’t the right house on OUR terms.  That’s probably the most frustrating piece of it.

Yes, the cabin is just as charming in real life, but only from the outside.  The inside is in pretty rough condition and would need a serious makeover.  Also, Charlotte picked a tick off her neck the next day, and those clingy monsters turn my stomach.






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