My eyes feel like they might implode, but I actually might make it.  Thank goodness for my tenth grade typing teacher and my complete willingness to type crap and nonsense at a freakishly fast rate.  Thank goodness for my slacker gene that is quite content not achieving perfection. I guess I’ve done this long enough to know that the goal of National Novel Writing Month is not, and never will be, quality.  It’s about getting it done and dealing with quality later, if ever.  The crazy thing is, I finally like my story and think there’s something to it, but it took until the last day of nanowrimo for me to get there.

I just wrote   100+ words here  that could have gone towards my word count.  Silly.




Well, I’m not positive if I’ll make it.  I just fell asleep sitting here in my comfy chair with my story in front of me and my cup of pomegranate tea. The idea of writing on a cold, cozy night with a cup of tea seemed perfect on paper but all it did was make me doze off.  If I can pull off 15k words tomorrow it will be a miracle, but if I can carve out five hours at 50 wpm which is a lot slower than my average, I might be able to do it.

It’s not a great story but at least after ten years of this I know what I need to do get my word count up fast: mindless, shallow dialogue that goes on and on and on.  Maybe that’s why I just feel asleep…zzzzzzz. Good night.  If I don’t make it it will be a first since 2003 and for no good reason except my own internet distractions and self-imposed writing rule of needing to be 100 % alone.  I am never alone these days; hence the cramp in my wordflow.  I really have no good excuse.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  In the meantime, it’s only 9:30 but I’m off to bed.  Tomorrow!  The end of the game!


No, that’s not a zip code, it’s how many words I’ve written as of this morning. I’m pretty sure there’s never been a year that I’ve been so behind in my novel.  Will I finish?  I sure hope so, but I need to carve out some serious chunks of time and type a lot of crap to get there by Friday at midnight.  It’s a busy week for all of us, but I actually think I’ll be able to pull it off.  Just need to go to bed early and keep waking up at 5. Or maybe even 4.  It’s a fun problem to have.

Novel ideas

Tomorrow we are leaving for five days away and my to-do list is loooong.  What did I do today instead?  Sat in my chair and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote.  I love National Novel Writing Month so much that I temporarily forgot that I had volunteered to make green bean casserole and my mom’s awesome corn stuff recipe.  No regrets, though, because my writing today got me over the hump and I am confident I’ll be able to finish another very bad novel once again.