How to talk to adults.

The last time I felt like I have today was 9/11.  So much was the same:  the little snippets of news (Breaking: Teacher Wounded in School Shooting)…it can’t be that bad, right? This thought is followed by the thought that something strange and not very good is happening… but it can’t be that bad, right?

Then, the truth: the enormity of the tragedy is something that comes knocking perhaps just a few times in a lifetime.  It is indeed that bad. Facebook is filled with prayers and fake candles and rage.

I have a first grade daughter who has been trying my every last nerve lately.  I’ve been frozen for most of the day, but two – and only two – bits of social media have really nailed it for me.  Everything else is not working.  The first was a status update from Honest Toddler. Usually Honest Toddler is a wise ass so this caught me way off guard:

“So many angels. Can you see them?”

And the other one, from the Huffington Post’s Parents page:

“I see many posts on how to talk to children about the tragedy. I’d appreciate one on how to talk to adults about it because I’m at a loss.”


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