Hope in March.

When I look back at my earlier entries I am a little bit surprised, as if I’m reading the words of an someone who is not me.  Certain posts give me pause and I say to myself, Whoa, that is actually not terrible writing.  I wonder what happened. 

Whatever. My lack of motivation does trouble me a bit, but then I remember that it is winter and that by the end of February – every single year – my internal gas light switches on telling me there aren’t that many miles of energy left before it’s time for a fill-up. Sun and warmth are scarce and I wish we had a fireplace to help spin this drabby time of year into a small slice of gold.  Sure, March can be gross, too, but who doesn’t find hope in March? I always find hope in March.

I discovered Penelope Trunk’s blog last night; each time I return to it I find something completely new and thought-provoking to explore and ponder.  Her homeschooling posts are utterly compelling, and I love them because they validate our decision to homeschool Anna and are forcing me to rethink our decision to keep Charlotte in school, even for one more minute. Her writing is researched and thought-provoking and full of reliable links to relevant information.She’s controversial and kind of bossy in her writing style, and I’m not positive we’d be friends in real life, but I’m hooked.   


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