To plug or not to plug.

Tomorrow, March 1st,  is  National Day of Unplugging and I think I will do it.  The thing is, during these sunless, dreary final weeks of winter, I adopt several less-than-good-for-me comforting strategies, such as eating too many Fritos, avoiding housework and seeking escape in the form of many hours reading news, blogs, messages, etc. online.  When the weather outside is so truly, madly, and deeply disgusting, being online FEELS like it is staving off the late winter melancholy, but of course this notion is utter crap.  It’s such an obvious false sense of comfort, but mustering up  the fortitude to do anything about it when the sun has been cruelly absent for, oh, I don’t know,  at least five days?!?!…is harder than I’d like to admit.

In the world of addictions, seasonal internet disorder is probably one of the lesser ones, but I still hate the way I’m drawn to Buzzfeed when I could be reading a  book – one made of paper, making some progress on a long-delayed sewing project, taking a three mile walk or cooking something fascinating for dinner.

On thing, though: If you haven’t experienced Buzzfeed, go and take a look, but beware its magnetic powers.  It is brilliant and very hard to leave once you’re there.

So will I unplug?  Why not?  The only way to successfully do it, though, is with a little help from my friend, Freedom.

Or maybe this Freedom:



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