It’s back.

Is today really November 1st and the onset of National Novel Writing Month?  Wasn’t it merely a few weeks ago I was sharing the sad tale of erasing my entire 2012 novel just days into December?  No matter.  Novel time is upon us and once again, for the 11th year, I enter into it with no ideas at all. Last year I thought it wasn’t possible to have any less of an idea than I did, but this year I have even less of less of an idea.  Okay, that’s not entirely true. I do have a handful of ideas, but they are skittish and elusive and won’t let me catch them yet.

Still, even without an idea, I CANNOT WAIT TO GET STARTED.

This year’s November will be different for a few reasons, and I’m hoping that I can channel these changes into something that for once is a little different and keeps me excited.

What???? It’s already 1:30 pm and I haven’t started yet. Time to unpack my cans of Whoopass and zap that pesky procrastination fairy that’s hovering over my shoulder.  And by Whoopass, I mean these helpful folks:  MacFreedomWrite or Die. and Stay Focusd..  One alone works just fine, but as a team, they mean business.


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