Weekly Photo Challenge: Up


Last month we spent a few days in Jupiter, Florida.


It was the Saturday before Easter.  I looked up from the beach and saw this plane. (click pic to enlarge)


And then I looked up at these palm trees at the edge of the DuBois Park parking lot. I’ve never lived among palm trees, so to me, they could be at the top of a landfill and still be exotic.


Here’s the Jupiter drawbridge.  Up.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

We spend as much time as possible every summer at our simple, small cottage on an uncrowded Vermont lake.  We never forget how blessed we are to have this place to call our home, and we try hard not to take for granted the easy access to such natural beauty and still waters. Whenever I look closely at this picture, it changes.  One moment, it’s what it is: a raft on the water.  The next moment, if I don’t blink, it’s a Magic Eye illusion: a raft not on the water, but floating over clouds. It’s easier if you click on the image to enlarge it. Can you see it?


Light it up.

We could use a little more glow this weekend, couldn’t we? While Charlotte was at The Nutcracker, Anna and I enthusiastically but clumsily draped this poor young apple tree with every strand of lights available in the house.  We started off trying to be systematic, but in the end, we just ended up hurling the lights to each other over the top of the tree so that every last branch was illuminated.  We cracked up at how ridiculous we must have looked to passersby.

I hate that teenage girls often get a bad rap, because this one – and her circle of friends and relatives – quite often shine as brilliantly as the lights on this most tolerant little crab apple tree.