Hell in my heel.

Today I had two appointments back to back: physical therapy and my follow up appt. with the podiatrist.  PT was great, as always.  Heel stretches, jumping and hopping, strengthening and stability exercises, with the regular final touch of eight minutes of deep heat ultrasound. Over the past month or so, the pain has moved from the ankle/tendon area to a pretty localized area on my heel.  I told Dr. K. this and he poked and prodded a bit, then told me I have “graduated” from Achilles Tendonitis to Plantar Fascia pain.  Happy graduation! The next step, which I was not expecting, was injection therapy – a long needle filled with numbing solution and cortisone (I think).

Holy heel, did that needle hurt.  I think I winced outloud. When it was over, I put my shoe back on and walked out of that office pain free.  Amazing.


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